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I just wanted to say a hearty "thanks" for your excellent SensorSwipe sensor-cleaning product, and your incredibly detailed and useful website detailing the "Copper Hill" cleaning method.  I don't often make unqualified recommendations regarding a product, but I'm happy to do so for SensorSwipe: Literally every digital SLR owner should have a SensorSwipe kit and learn to use it. Congratulations on a great product, and thanks for your dedication in making it available at an affordable price.

Dave Etchells,
Imaging Resource

jmnews_e0.gif*Moose Peterson goes CopperHill HERE and HERE
*Scott Kelby & Team highlight our MEGA-Kit HERE and HERE

Welcome to Copper Hill Images! Tutorials and products for your D-SLR and home of the "CopperHill Method"-Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, your gear is a substantial investment that requires constant maintenance. Our company takes that seriously and offers you only the highest quality products to keep your camera, lenses and digital devices operating perfectly.
TUTORIALS - start your visit with our highly acclaimed “Copperhill Method” tutorial. Begun in 2002, it has garnered millions of hits as the number one source for sensor cleaning information, everything you need to take the mystery out of the process.
• We offer a wide variety of wet and dry sensor cleaning tools and eliminate the guesswork with our user-friendly camera selector menu.
Get HUGE savings with the perfect all-in-one maintenance kit for your D-SLR, the MEGA KIT. One kit, one purchase, everything you need to care for your gear! International MEGA Kit for customers outside North America. 
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